Conference topics

mechanical engineering

Solid Mechanics


Fluid Mechanics

Biomechanics, Micro and Nanocompany

Design and construction

Manufacturing and advanced technology

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery Mechanics

Machinery mechanics

Equipment mechanics

Advanced production and technology

Computational mechanics

aerospace Industries

Medical Engineering and Mechatronics

Engineering of Installations

And all topics related to mechanical engineering

industrial engineering

Optimization of modeling and solving algorithms

Deciding on uncertainty

Production management and inventory

Management, Quality Engineering and Productivity

Optimization of Supply Chain and Support Models

Management, Financial Engineering, and Economic Analysis

Organization management systems

Design of service systems, construction and automation

Application of information technology in decision making and organization management

Project management and control

Case Study of Oil & Gas Industries, Energy, Automotive, Banking

Safety engineering and ergonomics

Maintenance and repairs and reliability

Health systems

And all related issues related to industrial engineering

aerospace engineering

Aerodynamics and dynamics of gases

Aerospace propulsion - space structures

Flight mechanics, stability and control

Satellite technology and remote sensing sciences

Design of aerospace systems

Science and Technology Space


Guidance and navigation

aerospace Industries

Aerospace science includes aerospace law, space science, aerospace management

And all aerospace engineering related issues

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