Conference objectives

Creating a suitable platform for familiarization, reflection and exchange of information between students, faculty members of the country with the latest innovations and achievements and providing an appropriate context for scientific interactions

Creating convergence between different trends and disciplines

Improving the level of knowledge of researchers, students through workshops

Development of scientific cooperation with other scientific centers of the country and the world

Provide an appropriate environment for supplying the latest scientific achievements of the country in related fields

Providing background for the emergence, continual growth and optimal use of existing potential among academics, students and academic staff

Encourage researchers and professionals and create an appropriate space to present their research results

Increase public awareness in related areas and issues

Promote the scientific level of scholars, researchers and students through dialogue

Achieving macro policies and strategies of the country

Promoting the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the set of efforts undertaken by the country's scientific community to achieve success in implementing the country's strategies

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